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How does (if at all) Judaism view the possibility of different/alternate dimensions, universes, etc?

Essentially – Is God the god of just like, this universe? Is he just the god of the Milky Way? What about alternate dimensions and different realities, if you think they exist? Is he the god of every single thing that exists and has ever existed in every part of everything? Because I feel like it would be a lot of work to watch over a bunch of different universes and realities.

I know this sounds sarcastic but I’m genuinely curious how different religions consider and view and reckon with the possibility of different galaxies and universes and realities and dimensions and all that stuff. Because I have almost no religion in my life and I don’t even know how I view the possibility of those things. So it would be interesting to get a religious point of view… Also, is there a point in which your beliefs on these things diverge from Judaism beliefs/teachings? I hope this all makes sense. Very hard to talk about these things in a way that isn’t super abstract and nonsensical because it’s all so abstract and nonsensical!

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