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How do you tell a rabbi that you’re leaving?

As my flair says, I’m a conversion student. I’ve been working with one rabbi since August of 2019 and officially working towards conversion since November of 2019, but in the past few months, I haven’t been particularly happy with how my conversion has been going. Long story short, my rabbi and old community are no longer a good fit for me, and I don’t know how to say that without coming off poorly. None of them are as observant as I’m comfortable with: it is a non-Orthodox conversion, so of course it’s not Orthodox level observance, but I’ve been disappointed that even the rabbi isn’t fully Shabbat observant.

I’ve been due to check in with my rabbi for a couple of months. I’ve been putting off emailing her. But I just got an email from her, and in order to be even remotely respectful I have to respond soon (going multiple months without checking in is already bad enough…).

How do I tell my rabbi that she and my community are no longer the right fit because of their lack of observance? I’ve been working with her so long that she deserves some explanation, but saying it’s because she doesn’t practice up to my expectations feels almost like I look down on her and her community or something. I don’t know how to explain this without it coming across wrong.

EDIT: Thanks for the input everyone. I think my problem here is that I feel guilty for “wasting” her time, even though we both agreed at the beginning that either of us could end the process at any time for any reason. I just feel bad “quitting” after working with her for like a year and a half, though I’m seeing that that’s probably kind of silly.

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