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How do you spend Shabbat?

As the title. I’m just curious, given the current time in North America. I’m a Jewish university professor from a very Reform Ashkenazi background, but I spent my earliest years in Outremont, a very orthodox Jewish part of Montréal, then mostly grew up in Britain with a Rabbi uncle who is now retired. The only holidays I still observe are Yom Kippur and Pessa’h as all of my Jewish family is far away and I also could not justify it professionally to do otherwise. My great-grandfather moved to the Republic of Ireland to avoid… certain political movements in his native Germany where he married a spirited Irish woman who converted. My mother is a gentile and religion has been a source of some mild tension for us before. My grandfather is 101 years old and knows every Jew joke ever told.

I haven’t been to temple in long years, but I still take Shabbat/Chabbat/Shabbos (as you prefer) quite seriously. I do not work and all of my colleagues and students know that I cannot be reached. It’s also in interest of work-life balance. I use it as a day of rest, recreation and reflection, and I am curious as to what you do.

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