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How do you (personally) observe Shabbat?

For background – I am an athiest Jew, married out, so not talking about strict observance here, thank you 🙂

If lockdown taught me anything, it’s that Shabbat was a really great idea. I don’t think I realised how much I needed that break from everything until I had a forced break from everything.

Years later though and the busy lifestyle has crept back. And now I’m thinking that Judaism has Shabbat for a reason, and if we as a family honoured it on Saturday (and not just Friday night dinner) then we would be better off.

However, I am really struggling with putting that in to practise. We are the only Jews in our area, so all the extra curricular clubs and birthday parties my children want to go to are on Saturdays. Our local area isn’t that great so if we want to go for a lovely family walk we have to drive. The weekend is the time we get stuff done around the house, and we can’t do it on Sunday as cheder takes up half the day.

Then there is the issue that, with 3 boys, a day at home is just not a good idea. By 2pm they are bouncing off the walls or screaming at each other. And nappies still need to be changed. Sometimes a day out is more relaxing than a day at home.

Please share your inspiration / ideas 🙂

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