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How do you guys not feel terrified of G-d??

I know it’ll sound dumb, but I have to ask, How does the concept of HaShem not terrify you? or even make you feel some sense of fear, anxiety, or horror??

I was raised in an evangelical household (been an ExVangelical for years now) and every sermon was filled stories of Gods wrath: The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, The 10 plagues of Egypt, The flood of Noah, etc. But none of that mattered because “that guy from Judea loves you!”

But Judaism doesn’t have that sort of thing, no reparations or excuses. It’s as simple as that, HaShem did things that, in mild terms, really aren’t Pikuach nefesh, and moved on. And HaShem has threatened to do the same to the Jewish people (Leviticus 26: 16-38). Also worth mentioning that Judaism is the only Abrahamic religion where God is not described as omnibenevolent.

Btw this isn’t meant to sound rude or disapproving at all, just curiosity from an outsider that struggles to grasp the monotheistic beliefs of God. If all of these concerns can be disproved, I’ll consider the Noahide laws, if a book doesn’t any sort of concerning material like these then maybe the Torah is divinely inspired

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