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how do you feel about non-explicitly-Jewish interpretations of the Kabbalah, namely Christian "Cabala" and Hermetic "Qabalah"?

I am not a Jew. My great-grandfather was Jewish but became an atheist at a certain point in life and only lived as a sort of cultural Jew. Otherwise I was raised Catholic but over time embraced Buddhism and after that Western esotericism, which as I’m sure some of you are aware has its own use of the Kabbalah with Hermetic interpretation.

Personally, I think the Kabbalah is brilliant and can aid anyone who is earnest about it toward spiritual emancipation. I think it should be a tool for everyone, albeit there are esoteric aspects that are very difficult to make clear to those who have not studied it. That is at least my experience having read a number of books on Kabbalah and having studied the Hermetic Qabalah for some time now.

However, we know Kabbalah is essentially a Jewish “technology.” Do Jews feel Kabbalah is something reserved for Jews only, or is it available for everyone to make use of if they have the competence and discipline?

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