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How do you deal with “but where are you FROM” question

My family actively hid my Jewish ethnicity. From mothers side (My dad is Scottish)

Me:why don’t I look like the other girls Dad: no you do, there are a lot of girls in the other side of town and they all look like you they go to other schools you just haven’t met them.

Me: boys keep asking me where I’m from. But then they ask where I’m “really from” Mum: those boys are expected to meet a girl from THEIR nationality. Their family expects that so they have to ask.

When I did not discuss my ethnicity with a boy at the night club about my ethnicity ,he ashed his cigarette in my drink.

So I was not saying to my mum this is an internal conflict. I was saying that this is causing people to lash out at me. How do I manage other people well to get a good result here. My sister was also asked if she was Jewish in a job interview.

My mums siblings, my grandparents, and in my relatives homes it is also not a “topic“. Not a polite one at least. They see me wanting to discuss it as me having mental health issues and suggested anti depressants.

How do you deal with the “where are you from” “oh but where are you REALLY from” question.

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