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How do we as Jews reconcile the Holocaust with our belief in G-d and the covenant? How did G-d let it happen? Did he let it happen? Did he even have the power to prevent the Holocaust? If G-d is A—mighty, then how did the Holocaust happen?

I believe that G-d is omnipresent and judges us, and that following the ways of the Torah lead us to paths of righteousness and peace; but I don’t know if i believe that G-d can truly punish humanity in such a catastrophic way. I think perhaps maybe that the unholiness of humanity’s errors overpowered G-d’s ability to prevent the Holocaust from happening, but what do I know? I’m only 16, with a suboar jewish education. The easiest way i can explain the Holocaust is to say that G-d was unable to stop it — but wouldn’t that violate Maimonides’ 13 principles of faith? I know there are no answers. But if you can, please tell me what you think or what jewish institutions generally think, or what rabbis think. I am lost. Thank you.

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