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how do single frum people stay entirely celibate til marriage?

particularly asking about those who don’t get married during that “ideal” 18-24 period. because i imagine if you’re FFB and don’t divert from the community, it’s not that hard at all to stay celibate til then.

but for everyone else who is either BT or takes longer to get married, i’m genuinely curious how this is possible. because to me it seems almost impossible in this day and age to deprive adult human beings of sexuality til they find “the one” – which some may never find.

maybe i am under the impression that frum people follow this more strictly than actually occurs in this day and age though?

EDIT: i am NOT coming out against or attacking frum people who are shomer. i actually agree ideologically with their approach. but i genuinely don’t know how people observe it meticulously nowadays – particularly those who are more exposed to secular society.

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