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How do Secular Jews Reconcile Evolution and the Biblical Creation Story?

How are modern Jews able to reconcile evolution and biblical creationism? Is this because they don’t really take the Biblical creation story too seriously, or because it is interpreted in a metaphorical way? I was interested in this because Judaism seems to be a religion which is compatible with secularism, since many Jews that I grew up seem to be quite modern and progressive (not to say that religious Jews are inherently backwards and regressive, I don’t mean to make it sound that way). Even if they don’t necessarily take the Bible to heart they do participate in sabbath, celebrate bar/bat mitzvahs, and practice other parts of Jewish culture. As someone from a Muslim background it would be nice if our communities were like this. It is nice to celebrate Eid and go to Mosque together but it would also be nice if we could start accepting evolution and stuff too lol

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