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How do people navigate different levels of observance in a relationship?

I am Jewish, attended Jewish schools for some of my education, but my family is very loosely practicing. We get together for the big holidays, but it’s more about spending time together than the actual Jewish traditions. I am also autistic and have a hard time accepting the strict rules of organized religion, and having to observe them. My boyfriend is a lot more observant and during the holidays it has become quite obvious that this is a huge part of his life. He attends for all of the holidays, for Shabbat, and, very involved in Judaism. He keeps a kosher house, and his kids are raised orthodox. Me on the other hand, I’m not religious at all, really enjoy my freedom, and feel a little silly practicing these customs that are ancient and a little barbaric to me at this point in our modern lives. While I respect his dedication, and I’m happy that he has this outlet for his spiritual well-being, I’m having a hard time, not being judgmental and feeling like I fit in to his world. i’m happy to keep a kosher home in the future if we live together and support him and his attendance of all of these services and customs, but there’s a part of me in my head that is still so judging about it. It feels a little bit like I’m not being authentic, I do judge the fact that he puts all these restrictions on his life. I guess it doesn’t seem very logical to me and I know that because I’m autistic and the way that I think is a little different so I’m trying to be compassionate and accepting. Does anyone have any experience with something like this? Just to add that this is a very long Seder last night where I was feeling like the odd one at the table that thought this was all so silly. Does anyone have any advice for me? I really care about my boyfriend and want to be respectful to him and his family, but I can’t help the way my brain conceptualizes all of this.

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