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how do orthodox jewish people feel about black hebrew israelites in NYC?

living in nyc, it’s not hard to notice the tension between the black and hasidic communities. i have watched several hasidic jews give nervous looks to black people on the street minding their business and several of my black friends are uncomfortable around members of the hasidic community because of perceived/historical confrontations with members of it (one friend, for example, told me a story from when he was young of how a group of young hasidic boys complained to their mother about how they didn’t want to play with a black kid, leading her to make him leave when he thought they had been having a fun time playing together).

it got me thinking – if there is already a rift between the hasidic community and black people, what do they think of black hebrew israelites, some of whom have been practicing in major foot traffic areas for decades? the wikipedia page says that in israel, despite a rocky start because of perceived antisemitism, the communities have grown together because of how long the BHI have been in the country (roughly the 60s). but what about here, where the hasidic community has, in many ways (particularly schooling, which they cited in israel as a large reason for the integration of the BHI community), cut themselves off from the rest of the city?

and obligatory because this is a touchy subject – fuck nazis, blm, live and let live, etc. i am not religious, i don’t have a problem with anyone, i’m just curious what general sentiment is. please let me know if i represented anything poorly so i can edit.

edit: distinction between hasidic and orthodox. my apologies, thank you to the person who pointed it out.

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