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How do I talk to my work about wanting Friday and Saturday off.

So I’m a cna and I work the overnight shift 7p-7a when I got hired at their place I was promised that I could have every Friday and Saturday off without any question I didn’t even have to mention I was Jewish. When I started a few weeks later I was informed that the schedule policy has changed and we will all be working revolving 4 days on 2 days off which gives us different days off every week. I don’t know how to go about talking to my boss about this. I’m so awkward and shy about setting boundaries but obviously it’s important to me to try and stand up for my self in this situation. I live in the Bible Belt in the USA and most people around here have never even met a Jew so explaining everything can be very difficult. I’m overwhelmingly my self thinking about it. I’m worried about being a burden or my coworker feeling it’s unfair. while It’s not officially a Christian organization this is the Deep South and there are crosses and Bible verses on the walls and bibles on every table it makes it feel like nobody would care about my Jewish problems, oh and I’m in a contact so I can’t just find a different job for 5 more months. Any advice?

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