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How do I start going to a Chabad shul (TLDR at the end)

I went on a trip to Israel and before I went, I wanted to learn more about my religion and become more religious but I never had to motivation to do it but when I was in Israel, people from Chabad had been really accepting of me even though I had not done Tefillin before then and when I was at the Western Wall, there was a stand where people from Chabad were offering people to put on Tefillin and when I said it was my first time, they all just started congratulating me on doing it instead of what I though would have happened where they would have wondered why I waited so long to do it and one of the people there even recommended I start going to a Chabad house near me and that gave me the motivation to ask this now that I am back from. How do I start going? Do I just walk up one day and start going or do I have to email the rabbi beforehand or should I do something completely different?

TLDR: What is the best way to start going to a Chabad synagogue?

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