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How do I respond to a "Concerned" Christian friend that believes I need to be "saved"?

To preface this post, I’m a 24 y/o reform Jew who loves learning and talking about different religions. This morning I was invited to a (new testament) bible discussion happening later this week and I accepted. The person who invited me is a devout Christian friend of mine who only recently began to try to push his beliefs upon me. I told him that while I respect the fact that he is concerned for me, I made it clear that I have no intentions or desires to stray from the religion that raised me. I accepted the invitation to discuss our differences of religions with him and his church’s bible study group but I don’t want to piss anyone off. His persistence is beginning to “rub me the wrong way”. Does anyone have any ideas for how I can respond to a group of people who feel the need to “save” me? Is it even worth the trouble of trying to explain myself?

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