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How do I prove that I am Jewish (heritage)

I apologize in advance if this question gets asked a lot on here. I wanted to give details specific to my situation.

I was born and raised in a pretty unorthodox/Masorti household. I do not know my biological father, but my mother and her mother and grandparents before her were Jewish. The only holiday I remember observing was Chanukah. We did observe Kashrut. We did not attend a synagogue, and looking back I don’t remember ever hearing of any near where I lived (Deep South/USA). My mother moved there when she was a teenager from New York. But my mother did what she could to teach me what she knew of the laws and of our heritage.

Anyways, now at 23 I am reconnecting with my Jewish heritage and the faith, reading the Torah, studying halakha, etc. Would I eventually need to prove my Jewish heritage? If so, how does one do that? From what I have heard, my mother’s grandparents may have pretended to be Roman Catholic in order to immigrate to the US sometime in the 1930s. I do not know of any marriage records or any documents issued from a Rabbi.

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