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How do I process this conversation with a rabbi?

I’m looking for a synagogue to attend so I email this rabbi, he says he wants to do a zoom interview first. During the two hour zoom interview the gist of the conversation is “come here if you want to but I don’t recommend it.” He said “I wouldn’t come here if I wasn’t the rabbi they have to pay me to be around these people.” Where I live in the middle of the United States we’re unfortunately not overflowing with options as far as Jewish communities, his advice to me was to move to Israel which I would love to do but there’s simply no way I can afford it and I’m probably not even qualified to.

Should I go there anyway despite his recommendation otherwise? Should I keep looking even though I’ve come up empty so far? Should I move somewhere else in America? Should I try to use my gi bill to get a student visa in israel?

As I’m sure is typical I left our meeting with significantly more questions than answers.

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