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How do I get over my anxiety about going to the synagogue for the first time?

I was planning on going months ago. I’ve been wanting to for years but only really started getting serious about it this summer. I’m very interested in Judaism and there’s a reform temple near where I live. I’m extremely anxious about going. I emailed the rabbi in June and he was very nice. Said he’d be on vacation till the end of July and that he’d follow up with me so we could meet and talk about how I could learn more about Judaism. He didn’t so I emailed him tonight that I’m planning on going tomorrow (I figured if someone knows I’m going, it’ll push me more to actually show up)

I have severe anxiety and being a newcomer in such a new place I’m so unfamiliar with is such a terrifying thought to me! When covid was rampant, I drove by one time and saw people outside, so I stopped by and said hello and asked when services were starting again and what to wear, and the lady I met was really nice. But I was more confident back then and in a really good mood. Every Friday since it started back up I’ve been planning on going, but I always get anxious and change my mind.

Some encouragement would really bs appreciated! I’ve been putting this off for way too long.

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