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How do I find out if I am really a Kohen?

My father told me he was a Kohen. I asked him why and he said because his father said we are. I asked my grandfather and he said we are and would not give much more upon questioning. I cannot ask him anymore as he is no longer with us. However more facts about my grandfather arised after he passed. (I knew most but didn’t grasp how bad it was) he lied a lot, had fights with many, cheat to make it to the top. Narcist was used to describe both him and my grandma and they had no contact with other members of their family other than there children. Considering my grandpa’s personality and lack of meeting other Kohen’s with the same last name (I would get funny looks when I said I was one) it would not surprise me if that was a lie.

So how do I get checked? I know as a girl it doesn’t mean that much for me but I do have a brother and I would like him to take pride in it if we are.

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