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How do I find out about my Jewish ancestor from a village in Eastern Turkey?

I am Armenian-Kurd (culturally, as I am ethnicallt very mixed given the geography) from Dersim, eastern Turkey and apparently my grandmas great gandmother was a jew. Problem is, no one knows anything about her other than her first name and that she is a sephardic jew from istanbul who came to Dersim because her husband (my grandmas great grandfather) was a high ranking military man who was positioned to this area.

I don’t think there is a grave of her…

(The story goes that she left her family and istanbul because they didn’t accept her loving and marrying a non-jew). Now, I don’t know if this is true or not. I do take into account the probability that someone could have made this up. But if there is the possibility of finding out…would be nice to know more about her :).

With that I mean: Are there records? Does the Jewish community in Istanbul or some archive Israel keep records of some sort…any hint?

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