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How do I become more prayerful if I don’t read Hebrew?

So I was raised in a reform synagogue, but was never taught all the prayers, times to pray, etc. The only prayers I know are the most basic ones: Shema, and prayers for sabbath for candle lighting, the bread and the wine. That’s it. I was unaware that there even WERE other prayers, in fact.

I stopped attending synagogue decades ago after my bat mitzvah, except to attend weddings and bar/bat mitzvahs of relatives. Therefore I do not know Hebrew.

10/7 has brought me back to the fold (although my Jewish education was very short on observance, it was VERY long on Zionism and I have never ceased being an avid supporter of Israel) but now I want to be a different kind of Jew. Specifically, I want to be more observant.

I have been lighting candles for Shabbat each week, and got myself a menorah and lit candles for Hanukkah using the English prayers on the candle box. I have also been attending a Jewish Insights class at the Chabad and saying a shema as I’m falling asleep at night. I will start attending Shabbat services at the Chabad as soon as I can work up the nerve to go but I’m a bit intemidated since it’s lots of people and I’ve never been to a synagogue like that.

Also: Each Shabbat I have been reading a chapter from a Jewish book – I started with ‘The Sabbath’ by Abraham Heschel.

But now I’m stuck. I understand that there are prayers for many things, but I don’t even know where you find them, let alone find them in English.

Can someone tell me where I can find the prayers in English? I would like to start saying a few. I recently retired, and I have time to do this, and really want to try.

I would also like suggestions about further ‘baby steps’ I can make to become more observant. I did not grow up in a kosher home, so outside of giving up pork, I have no idea what to do there. At home growing up, we did not observe sabbath except to attend Friday night services once a month on ‘Family Night’.

I feel very strongly about doing this. I can’t explain it, but I’ve been feeling a great desire to do more, not only for myself, but somehow, as a show of support for Israel, even tho no one will even really know I’m doing it.

Thank you all very much for any assistance. I know that to many of you, it is probably a shock that I am so woefully uneducated. But I am highly motivated to rectify that.

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