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How do I ask my mother-in-law to not cook pork and bacon in my kitchen? AITA because of my kosher double standard?

Hi all! First time posting, love this sub. So I eat seafood and meat with cheese, but I do not want pork and bacon to be cooked in my kitchen. I know that a lot of Jews, especially secular Jews, are like this. My husband finds this odd, because of how much we love to eat everything comes our way. He says it’s a double standard that I want to ask his mom to not cook pork and bacon in our kitchen put that I’m fine with seafood and everything else, but he’ll still defend me to her. The thing is, neither of them understands why I have this rule. Are there any other Jews who are the same way with pork and bacon at home, and have some sort of explanation? I know I don’t owe either of them one! But I still want to have one ready so I don’t seem “because I just want it this way” stubborn and shut off. Or should I just let it go and let her cook whatever she wants? Last time she was here, she cooked bacon without asking me if it was okay, which I don’t appreciate since it’s such a divisive ingredient. I just want to know how to proceed this time. Thank you!

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