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How do I ask Chabad to leave me alone?

I want to start off by saying that I have no ill will against chabad as an organization, just this one specific branch. I’m also reform.

Last year at the beginning of first semester I reached out to the chabad at my university. I’ve had decent relationships with chabad in the past, and a family member of mine even worked with the branch in my hometown for a time.

But I do not like this specific chabad house. I decided to meet with the family that runs it, just to say hi and introduce myself. We were talking, and it came up that I am bisexual. They were immediately visibly uncomfortable. They made it clear that while they “absolutely welcomed homosexuals”, they “did not support homosexual acts”. I felt extremely unwelcome immediately. I’m not a fan of hanging around places where part of me is going to be unwelcome. There are other reasons I was uncomfortable, but that’s the main one.

I left after our conversation. I attended a couple events of theirs, but never felt comfortable. I haven’t been back in a while. Unfortunately, they keep texting me. They have texted me every month on the dot since my last visit, asking things like “when will you be back?” “What is your opinion on the current world situation?” And inviting me to their son’s bris (we’d only known each other for maybe two months at this point). I’ve been ghosting them because I have no idea what to do, but I feel bad about that. Just yesterday they texted me asking if I was in town (I’m not in that town right now due to COVID).

I’m not sure what the best way to say that I don’t want to be around them is. I’m sure I’m overreacting, but I do not want to be rude. After all, they can have their beliefs and practice their way, and I can do mine. I’m just not sure what to do or say, without making anyone mad. I’m sure I’m overthinking it, but I really could use some help.

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