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How do counselors at sleep away camp get payed for Shabbos?

There’s this women on tiktok who makes videos about being an Orthodox Jew. She’s been talking about sending her kids to their MO Jewish summer camp and the question has arisen, how do counselors gets paid on shabbos?

When I did the kid’s services at my shul as a teen we were always just paid us for a “few weeks” worth of work, including prep that we did pre-Shabbat in order to get around it. But we were kinda just getting envelopes with cash in them in our mailboxes (I know it’s wrong, I was 14). I’m assuming that if you’re running a camp and hiring counselors then you have to do thing more above board, like have their payment itemized for the hourly. So how do they do this without paying the counselors on Saturday?

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