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How did the Talmud deal with the bloodthirstier parts of the Torah

First of all, I am a religious, although non-Orthodox Jew. there are many wonderful things in the Torah and the prophets, but you can’t deny there are violent, bloodthirsty passages (“blessed be the man who smashes your babies on a rock,” “kill the Caananites, man women and child,” “kill their (Amalekites’) men, women, children, even their babies.” I know that the Talmudists later said that these passages no longer apply. Does anyone know where in the Talmud these things are addressed? My motives here are to have a counter-argument to those who point to these passages to “prove” that the Torah is a violent, vicious document and (impliclty) that Judaism is a violent religion. People who says these things probably have no idea that the Talmud even exists.

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