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How common is to for Jews in the US to celebrate Christmas?

I grew up in a Muslim family, but I don’t follow anymore. Muslims typically don’t celebrate Christmas, and a few of very hard religious observers finds anything to do with Christmas to be “absolutely haram”. Granted, my family literally doesn’t celebrate anything outside of Muslim holidays, not even sucular American holidays.

That being said, Christmas can vary wildly within Muslim families. My family in the US may not celebrate Christmas, but I also have cousins in the UK who are more Westernized who do celebrate it in it’s secular form. I knew knew Muslims growing up who wouldn’t celebrate Christmas festivities or decorate their house, but they would still give and exchange presents.

Most Muslims who I’ve noticed that celebrate Christmas in the US were raised in the US and are Westernized. It is also important to note those who do celebrate it are also not very religiously observant. They are the type of people who claim to be Muslim and won’t eat pork, but still drink like there’s no tomorrow. Muslim Americans who grew up with a more religious upbringing and keep their religion into adulthood typically don’t celebrate it.

I was curious as to how common it it for Jews to celebrate it. I personally have not met many Jews who celebrate it. The only Jews who celebrate it typically came from mixed religious families. Even last night I was at a bar and was talking to a guy and when I mentioned my family doesn’t celebrate Christmas, he mentioned his family doesn’t either. Then I asked him if he was Jewish and he confirmed yes.

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