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How come the world likes to go against Jews again everytime something happens

I know that most people don’t know about most nationalities and minorities around the world, but somehow the Jews are known, and are known also for being hated, so somehow people find it easier to blame Jews/Israelis every-time, does that make sense?

I mean, we barely heard about how the Hamas government treats its citizens. We barely heard about what’s up in Azerbaijan-Armenia. We barely hear about Yemen, north china’s Uyghurs or barely heard about the genocide in Rwanda.

But we always hear about people’s opinions about Jewish acts. How come?

What do you think? Maybe I’m wrong and seeing it just in my Jewish eyes but I don’t feel like what I say has no truth in it.. Somehow maybe because of history it makes it easier for people to become more ignorant towards jews, though we’d expect something else..

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