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How can we reconcile biblical criticism with traditional beliefs?

I have some problems with the authorship of the Torah (and Tanach broadly).

These articles (and I’ve read others as well but couldn’t find them) suggest that there are verses indicating that the Torah was not written by Moshe. I’ve heard some Rabbinic explanations on a few of these verses but I’m not entirely in peace with the explanations.

I was also learning a bit of Sefer Yehoshua and I was wondering why is it written in the third person if it’s said to be written by Yehoshua himself? The same applies to other books in Tanach which are written similarly.

What do you religious redditors here think of these? Do you know any sources which engage with biblical criticism or with the issue of authorship?

[These are not challenging my emunah and bitachon fundamentally, but I think these are legitimate problems I want to resolve.]

Edit: I’m really curious why people are downvoting this post..

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