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How can we as Jews still be so racist and closed minded?

I recently posted on this subreddit about conversion and explaining kosher dietary rules to converts. Someone then went out of their way to lurk on my profile and find out who I was talking about. In other words, he tried to figure out who the convert was.

He then stumbled on one of my posts where I was asking about internet connections in the Philippines and proceeded to ask me if that was my partner. His racism and xenophobia was oozing out of the question, but I decided to nevertheless cordially reply with one word: yes.

His response was to then tell me that that’s sad and that he hopes I’m just a kid.

I don’t know who this person is, but it’s been a long time since someone has said something so outrageous to me. He doesn’t know anything about me or my partner but was somehow able to determine that my situation is “sad.” What does that tell you about him? It tells you that he’s a disgusting racist that doesn’t know the first thing about Torah or G-d and that he needs to get a life.

My partner is the most amazing person I’ve ever met. She’s kind, funny, sweet, and extremely giving. I’m a law student at Hebrew University and am far from being an idiot or a young kid as I was recently accused.

I felt compelled to post this because as an Israeli-American of Kurdish/Polish descent, I’ve experienced my fair share of racism. For my entire life growing up in Israel, I always felt second class and “less than” for being darker or Sephardic. My Kurdish mom was never fully accepted by my dad’s Polish parents and always felt like an outsider as well. Racism within the Jewish community defined a significant portion of my upbringing.

I don’t understand how we as a people that went through so much can do this to each other or harbor this kind of resentment for outsiders and non-Jews. I pray to G-d that this kind of behavior ends.

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