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How can someone follow the noahide laws and what’s the point?

Forgive any mistake, I’m not Jewish and I’m in a personal research to find the truth. The concept of 7 noahide laws seems interesting but if I’m not mistaken is pretty much Judaism for gentiles. From what I’ve understood Jews have a ‘special’ pact” with Gd and thus have to follow many and very specific rules. After some vary basic research about jewish law I came to the conclusion that this pact with Gd is actually very hard to keep and a huge responsability. Noahidism sounds much easier. Noahide have just 7 basic laws. The question is how can someone become a noahide? Where should a noahide turn to for spiritual guidance and clearing misconceptions ? The laws are just 7 and don’t obviously encompass every aspect of life. If a noahide turns to a Jewish Rabbi for guidance and help what would the rabbi do? How can the rabbi distinguish commandments that are only required for Jews and stuff that would be binding for noahides as well?

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