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How can I speed up my davening?

It takes me about 90 minutes to daven shachris, from Adon Olam through Aleinu. I see other people doing the same in 30 minutes. I have no reason to think they are skipping anything. I assume they are pronouncing each word.

I am no great mechavein, I am not lingering over any part of tefila but am proceeding at a brisk pace. I am fluent in all of davening and can say all of shachris without a siddur, so it’s not a matter of familiarity. I find it difficult to get my shachris to even 60 minutes. It is especially evident to me in saying Shema, where I will often find that I am halfway through while the tzibur has already finished.

What can I do to better match the pace of the tzibur, and to have more time in my day for whatever else, being it learning, working, or spending time with my family? What am I missing?

While this question is mainly directed at orthodox Jewish men, I welcome advice and input from all. Thanks in advance!

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