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How can I learn more about Judaism while I have an unsupportive family?

Heya. I’m currently new to learning about Judaism and it is standing out to me a lot. I personally was born and raised a Baptist Christian, but I left the religion around 2 years ago to become Atheist/Agonist. I’ve been looking into more religions lately, and Judaism has stood out to me a lot.

The first instance of me learning about Judaism was around 5th grade when we started to learn about the Holocaust. It was bare bones and we didn’t really learn much, but in every other grade, we learnt a little more about it, and in 7th grade we even had a whole section on religion, and that’s where I figured out what Jews actually believed in and stuff. It was cool to learn about Bar/Bat mitzvah and traditions that Jews follow.

I’ve been researching Judaism recently and I’ve figured that I really do align with it. When I was an atheist, I always believed something was out there; even though being an atheist states that the person does not believe in any g-d. I was raised Baptist Christian and I always believed g-d had no body and there was only one of him, even though the church stated otherwise.

Back to my question, my parents will not be supportive of me trying to learn more about Judaism, due to the fact that their beliefs state that if you don’t believe in the Christian g-d, bad things will happen. I personally want to start reading the Torah, but I can’t even get a Torah since my parents will not allow me to. I am wondering if there are any options out there that will allow me to be able to read the Torah without buying a physical copy. I also would love to try to go to a Synagogue, but I would have to have someone to take me there, due to the fact I am underage.

If anyone could give me any resources to start learning more about Judaism, it would be heavily appreciated. Thank you.

P.S: If something is incorrect religious wise, please let me know. P.P.S; I personally have little to no idea on what the correct flair would be, so it it is wrong please let me know.

Thank you! 🙂

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