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How can I Help

I am not Jewish, but have always held great respect for your culture/faith/people. History has always been a hobby of mine and I am disgusted at seeing what happened not even 90 years ago is gearing back up again.

How have so many otherwise smart people become so blinded? How can anyone justify what has occurred? How are USA college campuses home to a new round of shear hate? How are we allowing people to “mark” Jewish homes and businesses again????

I’ve already told my wife that if it comes to “that” again, that our house will be a safe haven as best i can and anyone under my roof will be defended as if they were my own family.

She agreed…

I am disgusted at what I hear. I am disgusted at what is being allowed.

And while I don’t think “that” actually would happen again, what can I do now to help, and see that it doesnt?

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