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How can I go about learning about my Jewish heritage without familial/peer support?

Hey everyone, I hope this is the right place to post this. Up until just a few days ago I would of never imagined myself making this post but here we are. I am of mixed backround and found out that my third of “native” is actually Ashkenazi Jewish. I don’t know why my family tried to hide it from me but I am currently investigating and doing much research to get to the truth.

I’ve long struggled with my religion. My mother is Christian/Catholic and my father is Atheist, but neither of them have ever shown support for the possibility of me being part of a religion (except paganism for some reason because my grandma is convinced she’s a “witch”). My beliefs are that all religions are intertwined and have a bit of truth in each (they all have something in common with another) but they most closely fit into Judaism or Buddhism. Without going into much more detail I’ll just end it with saying with that and the area I live in their isn’t really anyone to talk to about it.

Any resources or words of encouragement are greatly appreciated. If any more information about this is wanted/needed just ask me 🙂

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