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How can I bring a Holocaust survivor to speak at my school.

Hey everyone,

My ultra progressive school seems to care a lot about “diversity” and “equity” yet they ignore plenty of minorities. Recently a Native American kid brought Ohlone speakers and it was really cool.

My school often talks about only minorities that are topical. Black people during BLM spike, Asians during the attacks, but ignores other people. Why don’t we talk about the Jews. We may be the oldest minority besides women since we were the first monotheistic religion.

Unfortunately there are very few survivors left. If I could bring a speaker that would be nice. My school is severely lacking Jewish narratives and anti Zionism/semitism is pretty problematic. Any ideas where to look.

I can’t stand how the “diversity and equity” movement has become a vanity effort rather than real importance.

How can I find a survivor, how can I get one to open up. Is there a network of speakers?

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