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How can I be a better friend to my Jewish friends?

Hello! I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask this as I recognize that this is not a space created for me as a non-Jewish person, but I want to learn more and I’m hoping that you all can help.

I’m not religious but I have Jewish friends, and I want to be more present in recognizing Jewish holidays for them. I recently moved and don’t live nearby any friends at the moment. My question is: what holidays would it be appropriate for me to text to show support for my Jewish friends, and what are the proper ways for me to show this support as a non-Jewish person without crossing a boundary (if there are any in this regard?)?

I typically text them happy hanukkah when it’s going on, but even that I’m sure there’s probably a better way for me to go about letting my friends know that I support and respect them and their religion. I’m sure it might depend on the person as well, but I’m pretty clueless about Judaism outside of the basics and what I’ve learned from friends. Are there standard greetings that I should follow as a non-Jewish person on major holidays?

I want to be able to show up for them on important holidays in their lives in the same way that someone may shoot over a “merry christmas” or “happy easter” message even if they don’t observe those holidays.

Any advice is appreciated!

EDIT: And maybe the simplest answer is that I should ask my friends – I just don’t want them to think that I think that it’s their responsibility to educate me.

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