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How are verses in the Tanakh cited?


I am wondering how Jews cite verses in the Hebrew Bible. I understand that the chapter-and-verse system that is used by Christians today was systematized by Catholics. For example, the Ten Commandments can be cited by the phrase “Exodus 20:2-20”. What is the equivalent citation for a Jewish scholar? What would “Exodus 20:2-20” look like in Hebrew?

I understand that the “Old Testament” and the Hebrew Bible are similar. However, I’ve read on Wikipedia that the names of the books are different (among other differences). Sticking with our example of Exodus… Shemot or שְׁמֹות is what Christians call Exodus. I am wondering if it would make sense to write “Shemot 20:2-20”, for example. Furthermore, are there common abbreviations for the books of the Tanakh? Exodus is often “Ex.” (“Ex. 20:2-20”), Genesis is often “Gen.,” Proverbs is often “Pr.” or “Prov.”, etc.

Maybe a couple of other citations will help me understand. How could “Genesis 1:27” be cited? How about “Proverbs 4:7-9”?

And how about verses from the Minor Prophets, who in the Tanakh are all in one book, but in the Old Testament are in separate books?

Thank you for reading all my questions. I apologize that I wasn’t able to find answers elsewhere, including the community FAQ’s and resources.

Any other information or resources on this topic would be much appreciated!

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