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Honest Question: Does anyone here still put lamb’s blood on the lintels and doorposts of your house on Passover?

This post was removed over at r/Jewish because a few people misunderstood my intent.

I am being very clear here:

  • I am Jewish born and raised
  • This is a serious question
  • I do not mean to offend
  • This is not a troll post
  • This is not meant to bring any animosity against the Jewish people
  • This is not meant to endanger the Jewish people in any way
  • I am not referring to a blood sacrifice

Please let me know if this:

  • Is an antiquated practice
  • Was a one-time event in history
  • The mezuzah takes the place of this practice
  • Is practice from another religion
  • Can be explained through a historical context
  • Is completely the wrong idea and if I have been misled to believe it ever happened

Be kind. Be civil. Explain. Do not flame. I mean no harm. I am not a troll.


Question Status: RESOLVED

Thank you everyone!

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