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Holocaust victims and the resurrection

We went to see the Auschwitz exhibit at the Reagan Library last week and my middle has been having trouble sleeping because they want to know what will happen with the martyrs who were cremated when the resurrection of the dead happens.

Hubby explained about seudah reviit and the bone that isn’t destroyed which didn’t seem to help. My eldest (who has an interest in forensic science) explained about the temperature and length of time needed to render a body to ash and theorized that the Germans didn’t take to time because the high numbers cremated wouldn’t allow it. That helped a bit, but they are still worried about the chance someone was cremated completely.

Hubby is going to ask the Rabbi tomorrow morning, but I offered to ask here in case someone knows the answer sooner. They have anxiety and trouble sleeping and this is causing more problems with it. Therapist appointment is scheduled for later this month.

BTW all of us loved the exhibit so if you get a chance to go we recommend it though it is difficult.

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