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Holiday decorations

I would like some opinions on how I can show support to my neighbors during this sad time of increasing intolerance. I’m atheist, but I decorate for Christmas anyway. I love the warm, cozy, winter stuff… peppermints, chocolate, the smell of pine, sparkling snow, and spending time with family. It brings me joy during the darkest time of the year. So I thought, since I celebrate Christmas despite not believing, maybe I should acknowledge Hanukkah as well. Because truthfully I’m just celebrating winter. I also want my neighbors to know that I don’t tolerate antisemitism. I know that it’s important for Hanukkah not to copy Christmas, but would it be ok to have one small decoration – a light up sign with a dreidel- to show my support? What other ways can I make it clear that my home is a safe space? I hate that Christmas is thrown in everyone’s faces…. BUT I LOVE WINTER. I was hoping that by including Hanukkah, I would make it clear that I’m celebrating the season, not the religion. Do you think that message would come across? My other decorations are non religious. String lights on my roof, a candy cane, and a nutcracker.

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