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History of intermarriage/interfaith relationships in Judaism

I’m interested in the history of cultural and religious attitudes toward romantic relations between Jews and Non-Jews. Currently, intermarriage is generally discouraged with Orthodox forbidding it outright and Reform generally tolerating it.

During different eras (ancient Israel, antiquity, medieval, Enlightenment, modern) what were the attitudes and consequences of various situations?

– A Jew of either gender committing adultery with a non-Jew

– A Jew marrying a non-Jew in a non-Jewish ceremony (apostasy)

– A Jewish woman giving birth to a child from a non-Jewish father out of wedlock

– What would happen to the child of a Jewish woman and a non-Jewish man?

– A Jew marrying a non-Jew in a Jewish ceremony

– A non-Jewish spouse who lies about being born Jewish

– An unmarried Jewish man fathering a child with a non-Jewish woman

– An unmarried Jew having sex with a non-Jew

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