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Historical Revisionism against Orthodoxy

This subreddit in particular, I noticed, has a huge problem with historical revisionists looking to say orthodox practices are innovations made against the Haskalah, and that they’re unnecessary Humrot and shouldn’t be followed. The most popular claim that is justified with this argument is, I would say, against Minhagim. I’ve found myself several times on this subreddit and other Internet forums debating Jews who think that Minhag has no place in halacha, and that really, minhag is totally irrelevant, and only for those who want to do it. They also claim that the pressure to follow minhagim was really an innovation against haskalah. To my total disbelief. Minhagim are seen treated as halacha literally in the Talmud (Pesachim 50), Rishonim (Tosafot on Menahot 20), and even Maran himself (Hakdamah to Beit Yosef). It’s just ridiculous at this point. Why do people do this?

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