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Historical Origins of Judaism

Hi everyone, I’m a recent deconvert from Fundamentalist Christianity and would now call myself an Agnostic Atheist, so I apologize in advance if I come across as ignorant or disrespectful to anything about Judaism, this is absolutely not my intention.

I know some Christians feel some strange sense of kinship with the Jews because they borrowed parts of the Hebrew scriptures and religious history and I realise you may not return those feelings warmly, so if I come across as over familiar I again apologize for my own ignorance, I’m just trying to learn.

Okay, I’ve been studying secular sources on the historical origins of Judaism and the idea that before the second temple, the religion of Judah and Israel originally emerged from the Canaanite pantheon, which included figures like Yahweh and El, who eventually conflated into one God of many. Then by the time of the exile, they mingled these ideas with Babylonian Zoroastrianism to form the idea of there being only one God, which forms the basis for second temple Judaism.

Now, there seems to be some pretty credible evidence for this theory, but any kind of discussion around it with a Christian gets immediately shut down, because they think the biblical account is literal etc.

So I’m interested to hear your thoughts on these things? Do you recognise these theories? Is it acceptable within Judaism to hold these views?

I’m not here to debate, I really just want to hear your thoughts.

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