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Historical Jewish perspective on Homosexuality/LGBTQ

I come from a Christian background (no longer practicing) and have noticed among the greatest sins among Christian people is homosexuality. The New Testament is entirely silent on the issue and so scriptural justification comes from the Hebrew Bible/Tanakh.

It dawned on me recently that while growing up in NYC most of the Jews I grew up with/around almost never mentioned the subject and if so it was usually neutral to positive. I was curious why that was.

Historically, what is the Jewish perspective on homosexuality/lgbtq? What was the understanding of scripture? How did people in practice deal with this social issue? Are there any known Jewish LGBTQ before the modern era (let’s say pre-1900) their orientation was common knowledge?

It just baffles me that Christianity makes it a main point of contention, using Jewish scriptures to make their point, meanwhile having attended many a seder, bar/bat mitzvah, and even sat in on a Hebrew school once or twice, I never really heard a Jewish perspective on the issue.

EDIT: Another question, do you guys have a perspective on why homosexuality become such a big emphasis in Christianity while it seems in Judaism it is just one among many biblical restrictions?

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