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Historic use of cooking fats among various Jewish groups/tribes – In Israel and the diaspora

Bit of a left field question but this one is about history and anthropology as it relates to cooking.

I’ve gone back through history and it seemed pretty clear that in most cultures, prior to the 19th century or so, and even more prevalent the further back you go, most people used animal fats as the go to fat for cooking, cosmetics and anything in between (Anything from greasing up things in old school ‘machines’ and weapons… Creating candles or torches, cooking (of course) and far more.

For the larger part of history, animal fats such as lard and tallow were the go-to oils for these purposes.

HOWEVER… I realize that in Judaism, both lard and tallow (usually made from suet) are not kosher.

So I wonder… Any idea what Jews used instead? Of course some may be thinking of olive oil, but even if it dates further back in all places where Jews were (which it doesn’t necessarily) but its quite inefficient and cost prohibitive for most purposes not to mention its low smoke point.

Does anyone know the answer or perhaps has any references I can research/consult upon? To be clear I’m looking for anything dating prior back than 1900 but much further back is just as welcome.

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