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Highly Skeptical of Friend’s Claims about Israel

The other night my friend said that Israel should return all of its land to the Palestinians. I said that they should try to work out a peace deal instead. He cited brutality aimed at Palestinians as a reason for why Israel should surrender all of its territory. I said that Israel has tried time and time again to make peace deals with the Palestinians, but that they continue to launch terrorist attacks against Israel. Apparently, he wants Jews to pack up their stuff and move back to Europe. I informed him that, given the history of antisemitism in Europe, that was a terrible idea that would likely lead to heightened discrimination and, possibly, a second Holocaust. I tried to explain to him that the existence of the nation of Israel is key to preventing further genocide, but he doesn’t seem to understand.

I guess my question is this: is Israel really “oppressing” Palestinians, and is Israel really an “apartheid” state, or is this just antisemitic bullshit? He sent me some YouTube videos, if you care to refute any of the arguments therein:

If this is BS, how can I best refute his arguments?

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