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High Holiday Services on Zoom or similar?

Shanah tovah y’all. It’s unfortunately another year of COVID, which unfortunately means that going to in-person davening for the High Holidays is a risky proposition — my kids are too young to get vaccinated, and even vaccinated people are getting breakthrough cases where I live. But some congregations around the country/world are doing live services on a video conference platform. So I’m hoping you guys can give me some recommendations for online High Holiday services that don’t cost a lot to join and are… well, traditional (at least more traditional than the Lev Shalem). I know I’m not going to get a full orthodox-style service on chag (and for this I’m not particular on it being egal or not since it’s remote anyway), but I’m sure some decently traditional options exist somewhere? The nice thing about it being remote is that I’m not limited to my area, and I’m not particularly observant so I’m willing to go out of my time zone too even if N’ilah ends an hour or three earlier or later. Doesn’t even have to be Ashkenazic, though I’m not holding out too much hope for a Sephardic High Holiday service over Zoom (which would be absolutely awesome, by the way). Anyone know of a synagogue that is offering something like this? Bonus points if the shatz can carry a tune.

Maybe other people are looking for something similar as well, so if you know of a service that doesn’t fit what I personally am looking for, maybe it will help someone else. Thank you and shanah tovah!

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