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Hi! Which is a good order/plan to start learning Gemara?

Hi all! I’ve recently decided that I want to pick up learning Gemara/ Talmud, it’s something that has always interested me, but I’ve never been given the opportunity, as my school was against girls learning Gemara.

I know learning Gemara alone isn’t recommended, but I’m in צה״ל and I don’t have time to go to a study group or find a teacher. I’ve found a lot of good resources online, ranging from podcasts, the app “Sefaria” blog posts ect. My hebrew is pretty good, I enjoy learning, I enjoy questions. That’s not my main issue.

I don’t know which part of the Gemara to actually start with. Part of me wants to start with Daf Yomi, and just start to slowly to try build a habit, but also I like the appeal of simply starting at the beginning and not feel the pressure to miss a day, and learn more at my own pace.

TL;DR-starting to learn Gemara, and I’m not sure where to start, at the beginning, or join into Daf Yomi, or any other order. Advice appreciated

Thank you all and Chag Sameach!

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