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Hi, we’re Koren Publishers – AMA

We’re excited to answer your questions!

You might know us from our beautifully designed siddurim, Tanakh, or the Noe Edition Koren Talmud Bavli. You may know us as Rabbi Sacks’ publisher, our Maggid Studies in Tanakh series, the Maggid Modern Classics, or as the publisher of Yehuda Avner’s The Prime Ministers. Perhaps none of those, you might know us by one of our other fantastic titles.

Based in Jerusalem, we are one of the leading Jewish publishers today, with 1000s of titles from the Tanakh, Talmud, Siddurim, and Mahzorim to books of halakha. Jewish thought, parasha commentary, and philosophy, as well as works of biography, political, and social interest, history, and much much more besides.

Over half a century ago, master typographer Eliyahu Koren produced the Koren Tanakh, the first Jewish Bible edited, designed, produced and bound by Jews in nearly 500 years. Mr. Koren considered the precision of every letter, the placement of every word on every page. He created a new font to ensure maximum clarity and to reflect the renewal of ancient Hebrew in modern times. The Tanakh’s textual accuracy, pioneering design and superior quality won it worldwide acclaim. Under Mr. Koren’s leadership, Koren Publishers Jerusalem went on to produce other exceptional editions of traditional Jewish texts. The Koren Siddur, published in 1981, featured a newly designed font and an insightful graphic layout that, in Mr. Koren’s words, “encouraged the worshiper to engross the mind and heart in prayer.” Like so many Koren titles, it became a classic.

Today, Koren Publishers Jerusalem proudly carries on Mr. Koren’s legacy. It maintains an unrelenting commitment to intellectual rigor, textual purity and thoughtful design. From halakhic research to literary scholarship, typographic design to final production, Koren Publishers Jerusalem upholds the highest possible standard. Koren brings people to the heart of the Hebrew sources as it makes those sources meaningful to an ever-expanding audience. It respects the rich body of Jewish thought as it offers wisdom from today’s leading Jewish thinkers.

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