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Hi. I’m Arielle Levites Managing Director of CASJE. AMA!

Hi I am Arielle Levites, Managing Director of CASJE (Collaborative for Applied Studies in Jewish Education) and Assistant Research Professor at George Washington University.

I am a scholar of American Jewish education and run CASJE. CASJE is dedicated to ensuring that practitioners, policymakers, and other agenda setters in Jewish education are guided in their decision making by the highest quality evidence. We believe that the future of American Jewish education should not only be fueled by passion, commitment, and good intentions, but also by data and knowledge. Recently published CASJE reports include a study of family engagement in Jewish early childhood educational settings and a study of Hebrew language education in America’s public school system. Current CASJE projects include a large, mixed-methods study of the career trajectories of Jewish educators in the United States and a study of race and equity in Jewish day schools.

You can read more about CASJE here.

Other things about me: I am writing a book about contemporary American Jewish spirituality through the lens of religion and emotion. I am a dual citizen of Colombia and the United States. I am the mother of three. You can read some of my public writing here and here.

AMA! I will be answering questions between 2-4pm ET.

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